Brand Identity is what makes you, YOU.
A strong brand identity should boast of some attributes like look, style, attraction, temperament like a real person to make it identifiable and indelible. Also, it should throw back on how you want to be recognised as a brand and foreground your core ethics.
An extraordinary logo is typically the commencing point. The logo of a brand is an ideogram that can proffer your business a prompt acknowledgement. But a brand is much more than just its logo- it is like a crucial piece of a much larger puzzle. We at Mind & Matter believe that making the brand identity is the most significant exposure of any business.
In short it’s nothing but the perfect equation of all the elements that portrays your right image to the clients. Whether you are a start-up where you need to endow and get your branding structured or require an out-and-out brand revamp, we will help you to solve it right.