Best Visual Content to Add to Your Website to Boost Engagement

Tuesday, 13 April 2021 11:13

What is Visual Content?

It is an important tool which helps your website visitors to take proper shopping decisions. A visual content offers a great user experience to the visitor which not only increases brand loyalty for you but results in more conversions. It also helps to reinforce your own branding since the content you are providing is also offering real value to these visitors and it’s a platform to display your products and services for their consideration. The opportunities are endless. It can increase user engagement, help to lessen the difference between online and offline shopping and provide an excellent shopping experience to your visitors albeit virtually. In fact it is nothing short of an online in-store experience for your users.

What is Visual Content 

Why is Visual Content important?

To raise brand awareness:

A research says that more than 60% of people learn visually. Which means that they are only able to retain information satisfactorily if they encounter videos, images and visuals rather than written content.

A survey found that around 85% of people would consider sharing with their friends any video of a brand that they have come across. If you want customers to remember your brand then you have to use visual content. Make use of compelling videos, photos and different visuals so that it is easier for your audience to remember your brand. The more they are shared the more visible your brand becomes.

To engage your customers more:

Not only your audience remains engaged if you add visuals to written content but it also makes your content marketing campaigns very interesting. Visual storytelling is so powerful that with any image which grabs the attention of your audience, you can bring about emotions like fear, anger, joy or sadness. That’s why customers also love to engage with visual content.

Why is Visual Content important

To increase website traffic:

Video production is expensive but this investment is essential to garner attention of maximum number of people. You may lose a lot of website traffic and business as well if you dither about making videos a part of your content due to financial reasons. Accept the fact that, videos are the most popular way of content marketing these days.

To improve conversion rates:

An outstanding and fruitful visual content marketing strategy which produces customer engagement and high brand recognition results in increased generation of leads and sales.

So you have learnt that conversion rates are boosted by good visual content. That said, you must ensure that the visual content is used correctly.

engage your customers more

Few ways of achieving that are discussed below:

  1. Infographics - You may have an idea about infographics if you are familiar with digital marketing. It’s delivery in a simple and effective format and design of visually enticing imagery which are developed as well as visualized in a focused manner. An informative and alluring infographic generates a lot of traffic for your website. On most third-party platforms, there are restrictions about visual layout and amount of written content that can be uploaded by the sellers. So you should try to accentuate and illustrate the main features with the help of your infographics because with only lengthy written content you might get lost in the garbage present there. 

  2. Unboxing - A hot trend in visual marketing are videos of unboxing. They have become extremely popular of late among most people including celebrities, YouTube reviewers, and influencers. Your target audience would love and lap up a video that you generate where you unbox a product and explain its features. It’s actually a great way to create stunning content.

  3. Personalization - Another key marketing strategy is personalization. This attracts and engages more customers. Here you find ways so that your customers can customize and personalize your commodities for themselves. They should also be able to effectively conjure up visions of the personalizations and customizations they have created. 

  4. Pictures - A spectacular photo of a product is very important for grabbing the eyeballs of customers in a business website or an e-commerce store. Customers are usually attracted by sharp and clear photos or pictures with details which display your wares and commodities that you want to sell. However there are ways to make your photos and pictures enticing. Hire a professional photographer with top-notch equipments. Feel free to add uncommon and extraordinary style, elegance and braces to the photos. Finally make sure that they are rendered in high resolution so that details are not lost from them if they are featured online.

  5. Emotions -  It is always wiser to use visuals showing authentic situations and emotions. It seems people are not very interested in pictures and visuals that appear highly polished and artificial. However visuals with authenticity have sincere appeal and are sure to draw your audience closer to your brand and business.

  6. Video Marketing - You should take some time to narrate a story with video, images or any other visual method because this is an extremely effective way to communicate with your target audience. This method of surefire success has been existing for many years and also known as storytelling; it is bound to generate more interest and engagement.

  7. Behind the Scenes - To let people have a glance and peek at behind the scenes is highly effective in getting them interested in what you have to offer. Do make this appear like a very special affair. You can create a situation where your loyal customers are made to feel like stars or celebrities which will encourage others to follow too in the same direction. This idea is a great one as far as your visual content is concerned, and makes your offer seem special which will eventually help in generating more interest.

improve conversion rates

Finally, a few other important things to remember:

Presentations - Presentations help you to delve into a subject which your audience connects with. You communicate about a subject which your audience is concerned about and with proper visuals you engage with these people easily and successfully.

Charts and graphs - Charts are great in visually explaining a complex relationship between two ideas. They also help to reveal hidden patterns. Line graphs, bar graphs are essential and engaging because what these visual maps can achieve easily, others can’t. 

Screen captures - Screen captures of software are actually images of somebody using your services or products. Notwithstanding the kind of business you are into if you supplement each of your step with these then you can very easily explain to customers the best use of your services or commodities on offer. This will make them more engaged and enhance their loyalty towards your brand.

If visual content is currently a major component and mainstay of your digital marketing then we are there to help you so that you can use more of it and eventually grow your business to new heights and unprecedented levels. As premium website developers we in fact, have a passion to grow things digitally and bring to the table many years of digital marketing experience. We would love to be a partner in your branding exercise and help you achieve your business goals too. 

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